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Bob Dylan playing chess in Woodstock, N.Y., 1964. Photo by Daniel Kramer.

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Me flirting: You wanna watch lord of the rings:*seductive voice*extended edition

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So I get a new calculator and this is the first thing I do with it…

In case you’re wondering, the equation is: f(x)=-10*sin(PI*(x-PI/3))sin(20*PI(x-PI/3))(1+5*e^(-500(x-0.047)^2))
X-Min=-1, X-Max=1, Y-Min=-18, Y-Max=18

This is why math is important, kids

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Robert Plant and John Paul Jones in Italy, 1971.

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GQ France September 2014
Nouveau Western
Photographer: Rick Guest
Celeb: Alex Turner

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Elvis Presley in a record shopping in Memphis, 1957.

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